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Introducing the An on-line museum including vintage videocorders and antique Umatic video recorders. At this "Satellite Museum dot com" site you'll discover a wide range vintage satellite products including reel to reel video recorders, the first ever Betamax, VHS and Umatic recorders, the first Philips Domestic VCR, the Philips N1500, the N1501, the N1700 and the Philips 2000 system. Also included is a wide range of old vintage TV video cameras. Light portable video cameras and studio cameras. The museum also includes the Philips laser vision laser disc system, the first domestic computers, the commodore PET and the Sinclair ZX 80 and ZX 81. The first brick phones from Motorola, Early vintage telephones, Valve, tube, amplifiers, vintage turntables, gramophones, old vintage radios and televisions, old Hi Fi and video magazines, reel to reel audio tape recorders and the first compact cassette recorders. In addition see our detailed history of satellite products section.
We also take exhibits to a large exhibition one a year where the public can see them. This is the Institute Of Videography (IOV) show.
Finally check out our vintage satellite receivers section. Satellite receivers with knobs on! old LNBs, BSB receivers, BSB squarials, the first blind search receiver and the excellent SCT Monterey receiver that was the best motorised receiver available for 10 years.

At the on-line museum you'll discover an easy to use, information packed web site.
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